3 Tips for Staying Cool During Your Wedding This Summer

Wedding season is in full swing! But there is a lot to consider when planning your outdoor summer wedding. Here are 3 tips for staying cool at your wedding this summer!

Looking Your Best

The summer is definitely a great time to have a wedding, but the heat and humidly are not always hair and makeup-friendly. So how do you still have the summer wedding you dreamed about while still looking your absolute best?

  • HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! Make sure you consistently drink cold water throughout the day. This will cool your body down and also prevent dehydration. Ask your Maid of Honor or Wedding Coordinator to keep a cold bottle of water nearby at all times, especially if you plan to take photos outside.
  • Water-based makeup is best matched with a light powder. Also be sure that your makeup and lotions contain a sunscreen to avoid getting sunburn. For eye makeup such as mascara and eyeliner, be sure to go with the waterproof brands so if you do sweat it won't run.
  • Use a facial blotting tissue to blot away excess moisture without smudging your makeup. See if your makeup artist has a particular brand they suggest, or even if they have some samples they can leave with you.
  • If you find yourself overheating make sure you apply a cold compress to the back of your neck and your wrists. This will help cool your body down.


If your wedding is during the hot summer months make sure your bridal party (and the bride and groom!) are comfortable. You can still keep some sort of formality for your summer wedding while remaining cool. Brides - you're not going to be cool and comfortable in a heavy wedding dress. Stick to something sleek and elegant. Guys can wear linen suits (or another lightweight material) to keep them cool while the maids can wear tea-length dresses or even something a bit shorter (but not TOO short, it's still a wedding after all, not a nightclub). If you're going for a super casual outdoor wedding let guests know on the invitations that khakis, Hawaiian shirts, sundresses, etc. are allowed by including something like "Casual dress" on the invitation or wedding website. The formality (or lack thereof) of the invitation should suggest this as well.


Most people don't want to eat anything hot or too heavy when the weather is warm. Keep the menu to light hors d'oeuvres and refreshing cocktails. Fresh fruit is always a good choice for dessert, especially when added to the cake.

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Makeup Photo Credit: Tim Nosenzo Photography
Food Photo Credit: Wonderland Photography CT