5 Tips for Staying Organized During Wedding Planning

Preparing for your big day without organization of almost every aspect can lead to disaster. It may seem redundant at first, but writing every detail down (phone numbers, names, lists, etc.) will save you some hair pulling and unneeded stress throughout the planning process.

2. Make labels and tabs for EVERYTHING. This includes your invite list (names, addresses, and numbers of possible attendees), vendor options (photographer, caterer, DJ/band, venues, etc.), honeymoon possibilities, wedding shower details, invitations, thank you cards, bridesmaids and groomsmen information, etc. Excel will be your best friend. You might also want to check out Allseated.com for floor plans and guest lists!

3. Keep pictures of the venue, floral arrangements, invitation design, etc. Having pictures along with contact information (names, phone numbers, emails), this will help you remember who is who in the long run. It's also easier to toss designs or venues that don't appeal to you with visual representation. Or make a Pinterest board for each of these or put them in separated folders in your binder.

4. Create an email address specifically for all things wedding-related. This will reduce the clutter in your personal or work inbox and keep wedding plans in one place. Use this email address when you attend bridal shows as well. You will be getting lots of follow up emails from the vendors you spoke with!

5. Make sure to have a calendar. Whether this be your personal calendar or a specific one for your planning process, it's important to have. This will help you keep track of bookings, tastings, appointments and countdown to the big day. If you use a digital calendar, great. Old pen and paper work better for you? No problem! Just make sure you pick one or the other and stick with it. Things could get lost in the mix if you go back and forth.

***BONUS TIP*** Start planning EARLY. Not only will you get your first choice with your venue and vendors, but you won't feel stressed and on a time constraint to make decisions.

Happy planning! xo