3 Reasons Why You Should Not Rely on Other Vendors to be Your Day Of Wedding Coordinator

 Do not, I repeat DO NOT, rely on your caterer, DJ, photographer, or any other of your wedding vendors to act as your day of coordinator. While it is great to have someone professional step in if somethings disastrous happens, that is not the sole purpose of them being there for you. Our sole purpose as a day of coordinator is to be the one point person to oversee everything for the entire day and know everything there is to know about your wedding. I was a little sad a few weeks ago when a bride told me that her caterer told her that they didn’t “need a wedding coordinator“ because they will “take care of everything”. Will your caterer (or any other vendor, except maybe the officiant) be at your ceremony rehearsal? Not likely. Will they know that mom and dad got divorced years ago and can’t stand to be in the same room together? Probably not. How about that "surprise thing" you are planning during the reception? Nope.

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We are there to work with everybody to create the day that you have envisioned. We do not step on other vendors toes, or try to come in and change the entire plan for the day, or any other crazy thing that some vendors may think coordinators do. Even though it’s called “day of coordination”, there is a lot of planning and pulling together of the details that go into this service. We do not just show up on the wedding day and hope for the best. 


Here are 3 reasons why you should not rely on other vendors to be your day of wedding coordinator:

  1. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

    Your photographer wants to keep taking photos, even though we should be lining up after cocktail hour. Your DJ is ready, along with the caterer waiting to serve the first course. Your photographer insists on “5 more minutes”...again. Your coordinator is the one who will enforce the timeline to make sure things move along.

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  2. The venue coordinator is mainly there for the venue.

    We love working with venue coordinators! After all, we’re in “their home” when we work at their venue, so no one knows the space better than them. However, their main focus is on the venue and its staff - basically your meal choices, linen colors and timing for the reception only. Our timelines start at the very beginning of the day when you’re getting your hair and makeup done all the way through the last dance (and sometimes we coordinate timing for the day before as well).

    *Side note: Many times there is a turnover with the venue coordinators and you may start working with someone in the beginning of your planning, but by the time the wedding comes around, that person is no longer there. 
  3. Let them do their jobs.

    The DJ (or photographer, officiant, florist, etc.) chose that professional because THAT’S what THEY’RE good at. That’s what they want to be doing. They don’t want to be coordinating what you should be doing after your ceremony because you have no clue where to go - because THEY don't know either (yes, that is a real life example from a Justice of the Peace I work with). Let them focus on your music (photos, ceremony, flowers, etc.) and let us handle everything else.