Rain, Rain, Go Away! 
Rain on your wedding day may be a terrible thought for most brides. Will it dampen your dream day? Will it destroy all of your meticulous planning and details? Only if you let it. We've complied 5 tips to ensure that rain on your wedding day isn't the end of the world.  

5. Use Rain for Creative Photos

Make sure to ask your photographer and videographer if they have any ideas to make pictures fun, creative and beautiful. Rain can create natural and romantic pictures due to the soft lighting and shimmer of water on the ground.

4. Umbrellas

Umbrellas can keep everyone dry and provide a fun prop for pictures. You can ask your guests to bring (or provide) a certain color or multi-colored umbrellas to create a sea of colors for photographs. 

3. Tell Your Guests

Let your guests know the plan with an "incase of rain/inclement weather" note in your invitation suite and/or on your wedding website. Guests feel more comfortable when they are in the loop. 

2. Be Practical with Beauty

Rain and beauty are not friends, think about runny mascara and eye shadow. This can be alleviated by talking with your hair and make up team. Whether it be waterproof make up, a messy hairdo or a flower crown that won't fall apart if exposed to wind and water.

1. Rent a Tent

We can't express the number of times tents have saved the day. If you want an outdoor ceremony or reception, make sure to rent a tent to keep everyone dry. This will keep your guests happy as well as allow you to keep your ceremony/reception outside. If the venue doesn't rent tents, you should be able to find a vendor for last minute services. 

BONUS TIP: The Blues

It's perfectly understandable to be upset about the rain, but don't let it ruin your day. Your guests take cues from you, they will follow and minic your energy. If you don't let the rain bother you, it won't bother your guests.

Happy planning!