How do you avoid inviting your entire wedding list to the rehearsal dinner? Should I invite my extended family? Should children be allowed? Follow this guide and it should help to reduce the amount of guests.

1. Parents.

The very first people on your list should be your parents (and/or step-parents). Not only because they may be the ones footing the bill, but because they have supported you for your entire life, will be present at the ceremony rehearsal and for the simple fact that they brought you into this world.

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2. Siblings.

You grew up with them and they may even be a part of your ceremony. They get invited.

3. Grandparents.

If you are lucky enough to still have your grandparents in your life, invite them. I'm sure they would be more than thrilled to be a part of not only the wedding, but the rehearsal dinner and other wedding festivities as well!

4. The Bridal Party.

Obviously, the bridal party will be at the ceremony rehearsal, so it only makes sense that they would be invited to the dinner afterwards. Don't forget their spouses or significant others!
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5. Out of State Guests.

If you have any out of state guests coming in for the wedding, they should get an invitation. They are spending money on travel, accommodations, and more. The least you can do is invite them to dinner.

6. Officiant.

The person who will be marrying you is a pretty big part of your wedding! He or she should definitely be invited as a courtesy. Most of the time, they won't come, but it's nice to extend the invitation.