Can You Do Me a Favor?

I recently had a bride ask my advice about wedding favors. My short answer - skip ‘em. Put your money elsewhere. Weddings are expensive enough without giving your guests a trinket as a thank you for coming. Now get comfy for the long answer…

If your mother or other family member is traditional and absolutely insisting on giving your guests a wedding favor, you’re always safe with giving something edible.

Opt for:

- Miniature bottles of booze.

Think classy bottles of Rosé, Champagne or Prosecco. Make it more personal by customizing a thank you tag to hang from it.


- A late night snack.

These are becoming increasingly popular, and oh, so delicious! You can either have your caterer whip up some fun foods to be passed out later or bring in food from your favorite place (mini cheeseburgers, sushi rolls, pizza or anything else you love!).

- An elaborate dessert bar.

One of our favorite vendors for this is Perfectly Posh Candy Buffets & Tablescapes. They can design a beautiful dessert table that will have your guests talking for years! They can enjoy it at your wedding or bag up some goodies to go.

- Teas, coffee or spices.

The favors at one wedding I coordinated years ago were mini bottles of spices, which was a recipe from the groom’s family. Cute, useful and personal!

White_193 copy.jpg

- Chocolates.

Another wedding I coordinated recently had chocolates from a local shop. The groom was from the town the shop was in, and the couple now lives in Florida. Again, meaningful!

Other Ideas:

- Succulents or plants.

This is something your guests can take home and enjoy long after the wedding ends. 

- Shawls or blankets.

If your wedding is in a cooler month, these are a nice touch!

- Donations.

Put that money towards a cause that you are passionate about.


- Cheap trinkets that will get left behind.

We’re often at the wedding until the end and helping to clean up. Trust me, these things get left.

- Candles or anything with your name and wedding date on them.

I know this seems like something you’d obviously want to include, but your guests don’t really want anything with YOUR name and wedding date on them. If you must include this, add a detachable tag your guests can remove and still use the favor.

- Something meaningless.

Don’t just hop online and buy something cheap in bulk. Put a little thought into it if you are going to give out favors. What is personal to you and your fiancé?

The bottom line is, your guests will enjoy your wedding with or without a favor. No one is going to leave there thinking, “Gee, where is my cheap trinket I’ll be leaving on the table?”. Put your energy and your money into planning a great party for your guests, and they’ll be sure to remember it for years to come. Sans favor.