Looking for an idea to spice up your guest book? Why not completely get rid of the traditional idea and try something new? Using something you are interested in as a couple as a part of your wedding details is always fun. The guest book can seem like such a small of piece of the big day, but why not take it and make it your own. It is probably the least expensive piece to customize so go for it! Here are 4 fresh ideas for how you can document who came to help celebrate your special day.

Love the vineyard? Put out some corks, a marker, and a shadow box!

Start saving your corks! No need to go out and buy any, start collecting and asking friends and family to donate theirs every time they pop one open…and finish it. Try and get enough so that there is at least one for every guest, you may have some left over but better than not having enough. You can get a larger shadow box from your local craft store or grab a jar that you can display on a shelf in your home! Place all the supplies on the table and let your guest write whatever they want on the cork. By the end of the night, you’ll have a nice decorative piece to put in your home for you to remember your special day!

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Big travelers? Put out a map and a marker!

Did you and your spouse travel a lot before you tied the knot? Or maybe you crossed paths traveling, sparking your love for each other? Whatever your story is, if it involves traveling, get rid of the traditional guest book and put a worldly spin to it. Find a map that fits your travels and if you want, customize it with pins to the places you and your new spouse have been to. Then invite guests to sign the map. This combines your experiences with your spouse, but also the experience of where all that traveling brought you, back to each other, and to your wedding day. Then when the day is over, you can take it home and display it, almost like a souvenir from one of your trips!

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Kids at heart? Have everyone sign a Jenga block!

Jenga is a very popular game so you can find it almost anywhere! Head over to your local store grab the game, a couple of sharpers, and a basket. Ask guests to sign each block. If you have a larger guest count don’t be afraid to get two Jenga boxes. This is the perfect “guest book” if you and your future spouse are kids at heart or are planning to start your own family soon. It is easy to store and won’t collect dust in a box in the attic.



Looking for something really personal? Thumb prints on a tree can make great décor in your new home! 

If you and your future spouse are looking for some wall décor in your new home or are looking for something more personal and easier to display, try a family/friend’s thumbprint tree. You can either paint the tree yourself on a thick card stock or canvas or find one online. Then at the table, place ink pads you can find at your local craft store, a thin marker for guests to sign their name next to their print, and place the tree in the center. Guests can leave their mark on your wedding in a creative and artistic way. When your special day is over, you can take it home and display it on any wall in the house. You will be able to remember all the people who helped celebrate your special day while you live out your newlywed life!