You’d be surprised how often couples say, “I’ll just have a friend or family member coordinate my wedding day. I don’t need to hire a professional”. Would you have a friend perform your heart surgery, simply because she’s obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy? Or would you have your aunt fly the plane you’re riding on because she likes the movie Top Gun? There’s certain things that should be left to the professionals, and handling one of the biggest days of your life is certainly one of them. Here’s 6 reasons why you shouldn’t have a friend or family member coordinate your wedding:

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1. They Don’t Know People.

Wedding Planners have a really large network of vendors that they work with, especially after being in the business for 12+ year like us. I can literally call any vendor you would possibly need in a second if there was an emergency and one of your vendors backed out at the last minute, or worse - just didn’t show.

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2. They’re Not Experienced in Handling Wedding-Related Issues.

Things happen. Very rarely do weddings go off without at least some small hiccup. Will your designated coordinator know what to do if the DJ is running late and won’t make it in time for the ceremony? Or the caterer won’t arrive in time with the linens and the florist needs to set up an elaborate tablescape? We do. We are Master Improvisors, and that only comes with our years’ worth of experience.

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3. They May Not Make it to the Wedding on Time Themselves.

I’ve told this story a few times before. Long story short, my mother-in-law was generous enough to offer to set up the inside of my reception (this was before I planned weddings). Well, as luck would have it, she got stuck in traffic on the way back from showering and getting dressed at the hotel and was late getting back so we can start the ceremony. Of course, we waited for her, but holy cow, was I stressed out waiting!! Put us back a good half hour or so.


4. It’s Personal.

Your friend is your friend. She likely won’t tell you if something is a bad idea or won’t work in an effort to avoid hurting your feelings. We will because we want you to not only have the best time, but it will reflect poorly on us if something goes wrong. Your family and friends are too close to you to say “no”.

5. There’s No Contract.

They can throw in the towel any time they want. There is no contract legally binding them to fulfill their wedding planning duties to you. Do you know how many times I’ve had a couple tell me their “friend” was supposed to do their hair/makeup/photography/signage/ceremony/flowers/set up, but then they backed out? Yeah, it’s a lot.


6. The End Result Will Be Amazing.

When you put your trust in professionals, you can be guaranteed that the end result will be amazing. You will have the most beautiful, stress-free day EVER and so will your family and friends.