Our "Split" Day Of Coordination Package has been a HUGE hit since COVID. So many couples are choosing to have a small ceremony now and the big reception later. This package allows us to be able to help you on both days!

Essentially, this is our Day Of Coordination package broken down into pieces to split between 2 separate days. Here are the deets:

CEREMONY Rehearsal:

• Coordination of the ceremony processional and recessional
• Final collection of any items that need to be set up at the ceremony, such as candles, programs, etc.
• Meet family and bridal party

*There is a 1 hour limit for the rehearsal. Anything over will be $25 per half hour.


• Ceremony setup and decorating
• Coordination of ceremony processional and recessional
• Up to 2 hours of service time

Prior to RECEPTION Day:

• Initial consultation with the couple
• Unlimited phone calls, emails and texts
• A walkthrough at the RECEPTION venue
• Regular check-ins to see how the planning is going
• Etiquette advisement
• Unlimited vendor referrals (attendance of meetings available upon request for an additional charge)
• Guaranteed exclusivity to your CEREMONY AND RECEPTION days

Month of RECEPTION Day:

• Final detail meeting with the couple 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding to tie up all the loose ends and go over inventory of items to be set up, rough outline, and names of bridal party, etc.
• Collection of all vendor contracts to confirm delivery locations, times, and final arrangements
• Confirm delivery locations, times, and final arrangements with all vendors
• Customized wedding day itinerary to be approved by the couple and distributed to all vendors so that everyone is on the same page


• “Go to” person for everyone, including family and vendors
• Distribution of final vendor payments and gratuities (if necessary)
• Reception setup and decorating
• Meet, greet and direct vendors and guests
• Ensure that specific parties are present when needed (i.e.: dad is in the room when the DJ announces the father/daughter dance)
• Assist DJ in gathering participants for the formal introductions
• Assist with the distribution and pinning of corsages, boutonnières and bouquets
• Ensure that setup is how bride and groom want, if done by the venue
• Keep bride, groom and vendors on the timeline or improvise as needed
• Use of wedding emergency kit
• Collect all personal items at the end of the night to be put in a designated place for a designated person to take
• Handle any issues that may arise
• At least one assistant with the head coordinator
• Up to 8 hours of service time

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