Wedding Highlights

Wedding Highlights

I Do...Again - Carisa & RJ's Vow Renewal in Bermuda

On May 1st, the surprise vow renewal I had been planning for months finally came to fruition. I ended up telling my husband my plans a few weeks before our trip so that I didn’t completely catch him off guard. Originally, my plan was to just tell him where to be and when, and surprise him on the spot, but, I’ll be honest, as a planner, that made me very nervous. In the end, it was everything I could have hoped for and more!   It was the first day of 3 that we were docked in Bermuda, so the ship was pretty calm and quiet. We started out the day together with the kids, got off the ship and checked out the transportation situation, then I headed to the ship’s salon and spa to have my hair and makeup done. For some reason, I was nervous about the vow renewal the whole time and couldn’t completely relax. I guess it was because I had never planned anything like this before, and I wasn’t exactly sure it was going to end up how I imagined. I didn’t even really know the location that I chose. I just knew that the photographer and Pastor were going to meet us there at 5:30pm.   After my hair and makeup were done, I put on my dress and went to meet Liz and her family in their room. We hung out there for a bit until it was time to get on the bus to Stonehole Bay. I was a complete nervous wreck at this point! After a bumpy and windy 25 minutes or so on the bus, we arrived at Stonehole Bay. It was gorgeous. I mean, literally out of a postcard stunning. It was extremely private. There were 2 alcoves - there was a wedding about to start in one of them. Like they paid to rent the space, there were chairs and music and an actual ceremony was about to start - whoops! The other alcove was completely empty. We stayed out of the way of the wedding and made our way over to the other side. The Pastor had made the perfect recommendation to me. This place was amazing.   The photographer and Pastor arrived, and I (im)patiently waited for my husband and sons. Stonehole Bay was not the easiest place to find, so my husband barely made it for 5:30. Running and sweating, they finally made it to where I was waiting. I planned to have a First Look, so I hid behind some rocks until we were ready to start.     After our First Look, my vision of my boys walking me down the aisle (beach) came to life. They were adorable, the way they held my hand and walked with me.         We had a nice, intimate ceremony (while Liz live-streamed it on Instagram). Our boys seemed a little uninterested at times, but it meant the world to me to have them there with us.           Of course I had to bust out with my notes for our vows, which included, "Thank you for putting up with my crazy ideas (like surprising you with a vow renewal in Bermuda)". It got a little laugh out of my hubs and Liz, who both happen to know me pretty well. It's funny because it's true.     We exchanged some simple rings I found on Etsy. Mine was a plain rose gold coated band, and his was made of wood with a copper ring through the middle.         We resealed our commitment to each other with a kiss!      We then went off to take some super romantic photos in this paradise. Two & Quarter Photography captured our personalities completely!                         We finished up the night at the Swizzle Inn for dinner, and it was delicious! All in all, I couldn't have asked for anything more - my family, a beautiful paradise to say I love you, and memories to cherish forever. 
Wedding Highlights

Sam & Rob's NYE Wedding in Newport

When Sam’s mom, Sandy, called me based on a referral from a bride 5 years ago, I was so excited! First, because my bride of 5 years ago is still referring me, and second, because the wedding was going to take place in Newport, RI on New Year's Eve! Sandy started telling me about the wedding and everything that they had already planned, and it just sounded so magical! Sandy lives is Cheshire but Sam and Rob actually live in Newport, so we made plans to meet in my office the next time that Sam was in town. Shortly after our meeting, Sandy contacted me to tell me they would be hiring me! I was so excited! And what a perfect way to end such a fantastic year! As part of any of my services, I go on a walkthrough with the client to see the venue and get their vision. On a beautiful day in October, I took a ride out to Newport to meet with Sandy, Sam and to meet Rob, and also to see the gorgeous Newport Beach House. It was my first time there and it was absolutely breathtaking! There are 2 rooms - the Surfside (first floor) and the Eventide (second floor). Each had a lovely terrace, and the Eventide had a deck as well. Sam and Rob's reception was going to be held in the Surfside room. After seeing the venue, we went to check out the church for the ceremony, Jesus Christ Saviour. It was a beautiful, old looking church not far from the Beach House. When the time came, I was so excited to kick off such a fun holiday/wedding weekend! My assistant, Liz and I hit the road on the morning of 12/30 so that we could be there in plenty of time to check into our hotel, check out the venue to make sure the rentals arrived and to get to the church to coordinate the ceremony. By the time we got to the church, everyone was so happy and looking forward to the wedding. We practiced walking in and out of the church, and the priest went over the ceremony and mass. On the day of the wedding, Liz and I got up early to check in with Sam and the girls in the hotel to make sure that hair and makeup was well underway. This was nice to see, as we don't normally go to the hotel while the bride is getting ready because we figure this is her time to relax with her girls, and oftentimes, it can be a bit packed, so we don't want to be an extra body in the way. But for this wedding, since we were staying in the same hotel as the bride anyway, we thought it would be nice to pop in and see if they needed anything. Sandy did make a few requests, so we went off to run a few errands for her, since we had time to kill anyway. When we returned, it was time for the first look and some bridal party photos. How stunning are these?             After that was done, we went to the venue to begin setup. Julianna, who works for the venue, and her staff were amazing. They helped setup everything that Sam had dropped off the day before (menu cards, favors, table numbers, card box, etc.). We also made sure that the flowers were delivered on time and delivered the boutonnières to the guys at another hotel. Once we knew everything was running smoothly and on time, we made our way to the church. There wasn't much that we needed to set up there because being a few days after Christmas, they still had holiday decorations up. It looked beautiful! When we returned to the venue to confirm the reception was ready to go, everything looked stunning! There were some really great speeches given by Sam's Dad, Rob's brother and Sam's Maids of Honor.   Then it was finally time to party!   And what's a New Year's Eve wedding without the new year countdown, complete with confetti?! This was one of my favorite weddings ever! What a party it was! We are so blessed to have such amazing clients like this!  Photography: Hilary B PhotographyVenue and Catering: Newport Beach HouseChurch: Jesus Christ SaviourHair and Makeup: Allison Barbera BeautyFlorals: Sayles Livingston DesignsDJ and Uplighting: DJ FlipBride's Dress: The Plumed Serpent BridalWine Cork Guest Book Sign: Nob Hill JaneRentals: Peak Event ServicesTransportation: Fisher Bus and BuzzbusDay of Coordination: Pink Olive Events
Wedding Highlights

Ilana & Danny's Westport Wedding

I had the pleasure of coordinating Ilana & Danny’s wedding this past October. Ilana is the sister of Dara, who you may remember from Dara & Jared’s wedding photos, so I was honored to be chosen to coordinate another wedding in the family! Ilana & Danny were such a fun, laid back couple. They were simple, yet the wedding was elegant and incorporated their Jewish faith. It was quite a windy day, so we had to decide whether or not to keep the ceremony outside. It was supposed to be an outdoor tented wedding by the shore, but after some deliberating, we all decided it was best for everyone’s safety and comfort to move the ceremony inside. They did, however, get some amazing outdoor first look photos and portraits!   After some alone time and photos, they participated in the traditional Ketubah signing with their families and close friends. I really love this tradition.     The staff at the Inn at Longshore was amazing at helping with the last minute decision to have the ceremony indoors! We had to temporarily rearrange some tables so that we could have the ceremony on the stage and set up 200 chairs on the center of the room on the dance floor. Once the ceremony ended and cocktail hour began in a separate room, the staff, my assistants and I set everything back up for the reception. It really was a seamless process and the room looked amazing! The ceremony was beautiful. Family members walked in with the poles for the Chuppah. The fabric of the Chuppah was a family heirloom in Danny’s family, so we tried to be extra careful with it. Ilana & Danny did the traditional breaking of the glass, which I always think is fun!   After the ceremony, guests were led to another room for their cocktail hour where W Kosher Caterers put out quite a spread! Guests were then led to their seats back into the transformed ballroom where the ate, drank and danced the night away!   Photography: Brian Hatton PhotographyFlorals: Flowers by DanielleCatering:W Kosher EventsCake: W Kosher EventsUplighting: Vivid EventsBand: The Last NitesVenue: The Inn at LongshoreHair & Makeup: Stacie Ford WeddingsDay Of Coordination: Pink Olive Events
Wedding Highlights

Love Is Love

This past September 15, 2018 was particularly special to me because it was my first same-sex wedding! I had been wanting to coordinate one for a long time and Erin & Diana were the perfect couple to work with! Erin and Diana were a client of Spice Catering Group. We met them at a bridal show at the beginning of last year and they were looking for a caterer for their September wedding at the Webb Barn. Of course, Spice Catering Group was a great choice! We came in to coordinate all of the details and planning that Erin & Diana had done. They were very DIY, which we love! It's great to be able to take a client's vision and make it happen! They were pretty happy with the way everything came together. After the first look, Erin & Diana had the most beautiful ceremony under the large tree behind the barn. Two very special and meaningful things that they did were 1) they each had their fathers walk them down the aisle we created and 2) they had a mixed gender bridal party. Not to mention how incredibly sentimental their vows to each other were! Judith Thompson did an amazing job officiating their ceremony. After the ceremony, Spice put out a delicious spread of food and cocktails. Everyone absolutely loved the mini passed sliders! Bethany Florist & Gift Shoppe did a beautiful job with all of the florals, from the centerpieces to the bouquets and boutonnières. She even made a stunning floral crown for Erin! A delicious plated dinner was served by Spice Catering Group after some heartfelt, yet witty toasts by the Fathers of the Brides and Maids of Honor. Followed by a fabulous cupcake tower from one of my all-time favorite bakeries, J. Cakes! After dinner and dessert, Anthony from Digital Tracks Entertainment rocked the dance floor until the end of the reception! This truly was a wedding I will remember for a very long time, and I wish Erin and Diana nothing but the best always! Photography: Jessica Osber PhotographyCinematography: Zephyr WeddingsFlorals: Bethany Florist & Gift ShoppeCatering: Spice Catering GroupCake & Cupcakes: J. CakesDJ & Uplighting: Digital Tracks EntertainmentVenue: The Webb BarnLighting: MJ DecorationsJustice of the Peace: Judith ThompsonRentals: Connecticut Rental CenterHair & Makeup: MBD BeautyDay Of Coordination: Pink Olive Events
Wedding Highlights

How I Planned a Wedding in 3 Months - Molly & Jalen

I met Molly's mom, Sandy, by coincidence. Her grandkids (Molly's nephew's) are friends with my boys. One day in July, I took my boys over to play and Sandy happened to be baby-sitting. We got to talking and she asked what I did for a living, since I was home during the summer. I told her about my business and how I had just opened up a new office in town. She had commented about seeing it as she drove down Route 10, and proceeded to tell me about her daughter who had just gotten married in a private ceremony at the beginning of the month. Sandy had wanted to plan a reception for her daughter, but wasn't sure where to start. I gave her my info and she said she would be calling me! A day or 2 later, she did. She wanted to come by my office and talk about planning the reception. When she came in the first time, she wasn't 100% sure that she wanted to have the wedding at her home. She asked if I could try to find a venue to host it. Seeing as it was July, and she wanted the second most popular date of the year, I had my work cut out for me. My assistant and I immediately got to work researching and calling and emailing, but to no avail. Being such short notice, we couldn't find a venue on that date that fit their requirements. Venues tend to book up for October a year or more in advance. So Sandy decided to host the post-wedding reception in her home. This meant we needed a caterer! And a tent, and tables and chairs much to do in such a short time. It wasn't until AFTER Sandy had hired me that she told me who her daughter and son-in-law were. Their last name is "Rose", which didn't ring any bells to me because I'm not big into sports, but apparently, her son-in-law Jalen is a former NBA star who was a part of the FAB 5! And Molly is a host on "First Take" on ESPN. How cool! This is what had inspired our "Rose" theme for the wedding. The first phone call I made to begin the planning was to my friend Dan at Spice Catering Group. Not only because he is a big basketball fan, but because I knew he was perfect for the job. He would handle all of the rental needs, create a delicious menu, and his staff would take care of everyone professionally and courteously. They did not disappoint.   Next, we needed a photographer. Lucky for me, I know TONS of talented ones. Since this was not a traditional wedding (no ceremony and not too many formalities), Sandy wanted a photographer with a laid-back feel who would capture lots of candids of family and friends having a good time. I gave her a handful to choose from and she decided on Marissa from Wonderland Photography. I'd say an excellent choice! Entertainment was next. Since there were so many kids that would be at the event, Sandy wanted a kid-friendly DJ and also a bounce house. I knew that DJ Butters Entertainment could provide both, so he was our choice. He even included some fun lighting for when the party really got going! Sandy's husband, Dave, had a florist in mind for the centerpieces. Plumb Farmsis a client of his, so he chose to hire them to create the centerpieces that we had envisioned. The floral wreaths they designed for the lanterns that we purchased were amazing! The colors were vibrant and the flowers were as fresh as can be! The pop of red roses were the perfect accent for our "Rose" theme, with a hint of autumn.  What wedding is complete without cake? Sandy chose to go with cupcakes and a small cake for Molly & Jalen to cut at the reception. Kristin at Cheshire Baking Company was amazing to work with. She was so thorough and wanted to make sure she had all the details correct, from the flavors to the display and the cute little rose buds on top of the cupcakes. I'd say she nailed it all! The last little detail we wanted to incorporate was an ice sculpture with a frozen rose inside. Dan at Spice Catering Group has been working with Ice Matters for quite sometime, so they discussed this piece as the center of the Mediterranean station at cocktail hour. It really stood out and looked gorgeous! Hats off to all of the wedding professionals who made this day magical (and in a very short period of time)! I couldn't have done it without all of you! And thank you to Sandy, Molly & Jalen for entrusting us with such a beautiful day for your family! Congratulations to all! Photography: Wonderland PhotographyFlorals: Plumb FarmsCatering: Spice Catering GroupCake & Cupcakes: Cheshire Baking CompanyDJ & Uplighting: DJ Butters EntertainmentRose Ice Sculpture: Ice MattersFull Wedding Planning: Pink Olive Events
Wedding Highlights

Rebecca & Dale's Wedding Weekend Extravaganza

Rebecca originally contacted me in the spring of 2017. After taking a break from wedding planning, she contacted me again over the summer. We had a few phone conversations and exchanged lots of emails, as Rebecca and her fiancee, Dale, were busy business owners themselves living in Florida. We finally made arrangements to meet in person at her hotel when she came to Connecticut for a visit. She talked about the little bit that she had planned so far for her wedding and how she envisioned the entire weekend going. Her date was Labor Day Weekend, so she was planning an extended weekend in Connecticut with her family and friends. It sounded amazing and I so wanted to be a part of it! I later created a proposal based on what we discussed she would be needing. There was lots of planning involved with this client because she was out of state. I was looking forward to bringing it all together for her! Rebecca accepted my proposal and I got to work. Rebecca and her guests started the weekend off with a rehearsal dinner at Rocky's Aqua. Guests were welcomed to the beginning of the weekend ahead! Then on to the wedding day... First of all, when she told me her color scheme (fuchsia and navy blue), I couldn't have been more excited! I mean, anything pink is my jam. So, let's talk about these florals from Bethany Florist & Gift Shoppe. SO GORGE! Rebecca had a specific vision in mind for her bouquets and centerpieces, and Rachel completely nailed it! Since Rebecca and Dale were living out of state, they had a lot shipped directly to me that needed assembling. That included these adorable bonfire S'mores treats for their guests staying at the resort... And these very personalized hotel welcome bags. They were customized with a personalized cup, tons of snacks, Voss waters, adorable hangover kits, Westbrook stuffed lobsters, and a Westbrook guide. This arch and ceremony setup was everything! Another job well done by Bethany Florist & Gift Shoppe. Lisa from Chair Affair was in charge of the linens and the chair bling. And what a beautiful job she did! Totally transformed the room! Themes Come True was a vendor that Rebecca found to make all of her stationary. Everything from the invitations to the menu cards to the place cards and welcome bag itinerary. What wedding is complete without flip flops! Quintessential Design & Boutique made this super cute sign for the box I purchased! Just as the party started to kick off, there was an unplanned interruption... The fire alarm went off and the entire building was forced to evacuate. Rebecca and Dale were such troopers that they stopped to pose and take a few shots with the fire truck to document the event! :) After everyone was allowed back in, the party continued and guests had a great time with Luna Photo Lounge, and games and music from Boppers Events! Thank you to all of these fantastic wedding professionals for making the day so incredible! Photography: J. Fiereck PhotographyVenue: The Water's Edge Resort & Spa, Westbrook, CTVideography: MV Film ProductionsFlorals: Bethany Florist & Gift ShoppeCatering & Cake: The Water's Edge Resort & Spa, Westbrook, CTHair & Makeup: Kiss N MakeupDJ & Uplighting: Boppers EventsLinens and Chair Accents: Chair AffairPrinted Materials: Themes Come TruePhoto Booth: Luna Photo LoungeSignage: Quintessenial DesignsDay Of Coordination: Pink Olive Events    
Wedding Highlights

Max & Ashley's Madison Beach Wedding

Max's mom, Cathy, contacted me about 2 months before Max & Ashley's wedding. She told me that they were hosting her son's wedding in their backyard, and while they had hosted parties there before, they were beginning to get a bit overwhelmed with this one. I told her that I was available on their date (8/18/18) and would love to help out! Max contacted me for a meeting shortly after that. Max and Ashley were the first couple that I met in my new office! I was so excited to meet them and of course, they were so sweet. We discussed their plans so far and what exactly they were looking for in a day-of coordinator. My "month of" package was just what they wanted. I sent over a proposal that night and they booked me soon after that! We scheduled our detail meeting soon after, and Liz and I went to the home in Madison for a walkthrough. It was beautiful! There was a large guest house where Ashley would get ready on the wedding day, and a big backyard that dropped off to the beach. The ceremony would be on the beach, and the cocktail hour and reception would be under a large tent on the grass. The day of the rehearsal, Liz, Diana and I set up all the tables and chairs that the rental company had left. We coordinated the ceremony so that everyone knew what to expect the next day, and where they needed to be and when. They had a (mostly) beautiful wedding day. There were talks of thunderstorms that day, and it had even rained the night before. Fortunately for them (and us!), the rain held off until after the beach ceremony and they were even able to get some great photos after the ceremony.   Didn't Max look handsome waiting for his bride? Here she comes! The clouds were rolling in... But it didn't last long. After a brief thunderstorm post-cocktail hour, my assistants and I hit the dance floor with some towels to wipe up the rain. Things did get a bit messy, but I'm proud of my team for stepping up and doing what needed to be done (including ruining a perfectly pair of comfy work shoes). It was all worth it to see these 2 so happy. They're absolutely adorable! Max and his mom, Cathy, had a completely non-traditional mother/son dance song. Look at them getting down! Oh, and Ashley's sister owns The Sugar Bakery, so how amazing do you think THESE were?     The evening ended with sparklers and lanterns. Perfect way to end a perfect wedding. Thank you to all of these fantastic vendors for making the day so incredible and stepping up when the rain started! Photography: Rod Jovanelly, The ProsVenue: Private Residence, Madison, CTVideography: Vlad Fridlyand, The ProsFlorals: Stop & Shop, MadisonCupcakes: The Sugar BakeryHair & Makeup: Blu Hair & Bridal StudioBand: Those GuysRentals: Abbey TentCatering: Fitzgerald's Fine CateringDay Of Coordination: Pink Olive Events
Wedding Highlights

Dara & Jared's Hyatt Regency Wedding

This wedding was so amazingly beautiful that I had to share. With 220 guests, this was one of the largest weddings I've coordinated in my 11 years in business. It was also one of the most involved in terms of numbers of vendors and moving parts, but my assistants and I totally pulled it together and the result was amazing!! I've known the father of the bride for about 5 years now. He owns a venue where I coordinate an annual post-graduation party. Last year, at one of the meetings with that client, he mentioned that he had a daughter who was planning her wedding (and another who was going to be getting engaged soon) and asked if I planned weddings as well. I told him that was actually the bulk of my business, so he asked me to give him a call. The rest is history... Fast forward to April 29, 2018: Dara & Jared were married at the Hyatt Regency in Greenwich, CT. Their first look took place prior to the ceremony on the balcony overlooking the Atrium, which would later be their cocktail hour site. Clearly, Jared was thrilled to see his bride-to-be. We can't over his expression! Pure joy and love for Dara!   They went on to take photos with their bridal party at Binney Park in Old Greenwich. They had the perfect weather!        They returned to take photos under the most beautiful Chuppah I have ever seen. I mean, seriously, this thing was amazing. Those colors. That setup. It took at least 4 hours to set it up. It was literally constructed on-site from scratch. I wish it could have stayed up for the entire wedding. It was set up in the temporary tent that they Hyatt puts up from April until October. This is where the ceremony took place, and the way a plain white tent took shape with the right chiavari chairs and decor was amazing.     Here comes the bride...    I thought it was absolutely beautiful the way that Dara circled Jared before they took their places under the Chuppah. This is a tradition with Jewish wedding ceremonies.         After the ceremony, guests were directed down the hall to the Atrium. This looked like a rainforest and was just the perfect setting for cocktail hour. Then came the reception in the ballroom. As amazing as this photo is, it's hard to convey how gorgeous this room looked. It went from a plain old hotel ballroom to a perfectly magical wedding. The uplighting was beautiful. The centerpieces, absolutely exquisite. Truly breathtaking.   Next came this work of art in the form of a cake. DiMare Pastry did a beautiful job with this 5-tier cake, garnished with beautiful flowers from Bride & Blossom. Swoon!     Finally, the 11-piece Eddie Bruce Band led the guests to dance the night away. They are insanely talented and the guests had a blast (obviously).   As guests exited the ballroom, mini S'mores favors awaited. When the reception ended, there was an after-party until 1:00 am! It was definitely a fun-filled day celebrating the love between Dara & Jared. We wish them all the best for a lifetime of happiness!     Photography: Brian Hatton PhotographyVenue: The Hyatt Regency, GreenwichVideography: Frank Ahn FilmsFlorals: Bride & BlossomCake: DiMare PastryHair: Styles on BMakeup: Stacie Ford WeddingsBand: Eddie Bruce BandRentals: MitchcoLighting: Vivid EventsDay Of Coordination: Pink Olive Events