Pink Olive Events

Pink Olive Events is a bespoke wedding planning company dedicated to eliminating all the stressful parts of planning a wedding so that you can focus on soaking up the magical moments.

carisa and employees celebrating

Our Vision

To reduce the stress of wedding planning for the busy, sophisticated couple and to create an absolutely extraordinary experience for each one.

Our Mission

To make your wedding or event planning as stress-free as possible so that you can enjoy the special moments in your life. Our experienced coordinators understand that the best way to ensure amazing memories that last a lifetime starts with smart planning from the beginning.

It's All About You

We love personalizing each wedding we are involved in creating. While we love some wedding traditions, we are absolutely on board if you want to be a rebel and do your own thing!

17 Years Experience

We understand that everyone starts somewhere, but we are very proud of our 17 years experience in the industry. We know that many businesses start and fail, especially in the wedding industry. The fact that signature planning services have stood the test of time speaks to our level of service and customer satisfaction. We truly couldn't have done it without our clients, and we've loved every minute of it.

We Know People

Over those 17 years, we have built many amazing relationships with other industry professionals. That means we can steer you in the right direction when it comes to hiring other reliable wedding professionals, and it's highly likely that we might even be able to save you a few bucks along the way.

Only Pay for What You Need

This isn't an all or nothing deal. While we offer Full Planning and Wedding Day Management, we are also happy to create an in-between service just for you. Remember, it's “all about you.” We weren't kidding about that.

We're Real

The only sugar coating you'll find should be at your dessert station. If something doesn't fit, or we know your budget won't allow for something, we don't sugar coat it. We tell it like it is, and we think our clients appreciate the honesty.

We Play Nice With Others

It's a common misconception that Wedding Planners are pushy and bossy. While we will work to ensure that your wedding is exactly how you want it, we do play nicely with the other professionals involved in your day.

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