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My honest opinion is yes, probably even more so. You’ll likely need a neutral 3rd party to ward off any crazy ideas or ginormous guest list that you don’t want (who the heck is Cousin Sally?). Of course they can still be involved in the planning, but we don’t mind if you blame the planner (“Carisa said an aisle runner does NOT work on the beach, mom”).

I love this question and the answer is YES! I love couples who want to think outside the box and get married in a totally non-traditional wedding venue so that they can truly make it “theirs”.

Yes! Every couple comes to me at different stages of the planning (ranging from 2 years before down to 3 weeks before!) and they all have different needs. We can customize your own “package” by adding on from our a la carte list. Or, you tell me what you want, even if you don’t see it on our list, and we’ll make it happen!

Yes, yes, yes! That is what we do best. Coordinating logistics, making sure people get to where they need to and when they need to be there. We love those details that others find mundane.

Of course, I may be biased, but I think there’s TONS of benefits to having a wedding planner! First, you’ll have someone with experience knowing when to do/book certain things. You’ll have a large network of vendors at your fingertips based on your style and budget (and many will give a discount to my clients). You’ll have a sounding board when you are stressed or just don’t know what to do. At the very least, try to budget for a day of coordinator, even if you venue claims to have one of their own. By hiring your own, you’ll have a point person for the entire day of to set up, coordinate the bridal party for the ceremony and handle any issues that many occur (and believe me, they happen no matter how much you plan). To quote one of my client’s reviews, “it was like having an extra girl friend who was knowledgeable about everything and willing to help at every stage of the planning”.

Yes! That is a part of what we do for you! During our detail meeting, we create your “inventory” list, which includes everything that my team is responsible for setting up, where it goes and any other details pertaining to setup and decor.

Although the package is called “Day Of Coordination”, we do so much more than just arrive on the day of your wedding. How can we possibly know everything that is going on, who everyone is, and what to set up if we ONLY show up on the wedding day? We incorporate a detail meeting, a walkthrough at your venue, ceremony rehearsal coordination, timeline creation and implementation (just to name a few services) to ensure that your wedding day is flawless. In the 13 years we have been planning and coordinating weddings, I can confidently say that no good can come from just being there on the day of.

No, and I wouldn’t recommend not having me attend the rehearsal. The ceremony is a very important part of the day and takes more coordination than most people realize. It’s more than lining up and walking down an aisle. It’s coordinating with the musicians, cues for the wedding party to begin walking, cues to mark the end of the ceremony, knowing what to do and where to go immediately before and after, my meeting the family and friends who are so important to the day, and so much more.