There's so much information that needs to be relayed in a response card. Who's eating what? How many guest responses are included on that card? It can get confusing, but keep reading because here's the 411 on RSVPs!

  1. The date on your RSVP card should be about 3-4 weeks before your wedding. There will ALWAYS be those people who you have to hunt down to respond last minute (BTW, DON'T be that person for someone else's wedding). Allowing a buffer of 3-4 weeks allows for those last minute slackers to respond and helps reduce your stress of having to put together a floor plan. Most venues or caterers don't need your final head count until 1 week before the wedding, so you should be ok there!
  2. Your little cousins are totally adorbs, but you don't want them at your reception. How do you convey this information nicely to your aunt? Simple! On the RSVP card, simply state "We have reserved 2 (or 1) seats in your honor". This should give them the hint that the children are not invited. *Side note: The outer address envelope should also read "Mr. & Mrs. Jones" as opposed to "The Jones Family". This is another indicator that it is adults only.
  3. With all of the dietary restrictions these days, it's hard to completely accommodate everybody (gluten free, vegan, lactose intolerant, the list goes on and on). Whether you are having a plated dinner or buffet, leave a line on the RSVP card to note any dietary restrictions. Your caterer or venue should be able to accommodate most.
  4. Want a packed dance floor at your reception? Your guests want to dance to the songs they know and love. On one side of your RSVP card, leave a line asking for your guests' favorite songs.

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Happy planning!