10 Ways the Groom Can Help with the Wedding Planning Process

1. Choosing and Overseeing the Groomsmen.

The groom will usually be in charge of choosing his groomsmen. But to further the process he can also invite (if you're feeling fancy Pinterest has tons of ideas), keeping track of suit fittings and notify them of all wedding activities and schedules.

2. Help Plan the Guest List.

The groom should provide his partner with a list of friends and family that he wants to invite with their addresses. He should also provide a list of who his parents want to invite with correct salutations and addresses.

3. Track Down Missing RSVPs.

He can also be in charge of tracking down missing RSVPs from his side of the guest list. With their meal choices and number attending, if applicable.

4. Choosing and Giving Gifts to Groomsmen and Best Man.

This is a chance for him to thank the guest for their participation, their friendship and their support. Popular gifts we've seen this wedding season are flasks, apparel (t-shirts, jerseys, etc.) and liquor with personalized labels.

5. Writing and Practicing His Vows.

Please don't leave this till the last minute. Take your time to write heartfelt, meaningful vows in advanced. Be sure to practice reading or reciting them aloud before the big day.

6. Staying on Top of the Rehearsal Dinner.

Decide on a place and a time. Make sure to tell both sets of parents and all bridal party members where and when to show up. This will take a task off of your partner's plate.

7. Styling His Wedding Day Look.

The groom should pick his suit and make sure that he feels comfortable wearing it. It should also fit into the overall style of the wedding. For traditional weddings, grooms usually wear tuxedos. This wedding season, we've seen a rise in slim-fit silhouettes and shades of gray suits.

8. Getting a Haircut.

We usually advise getting a haircut about a week before the wedding.

9. Making a Toast.

Be prepared to make (and respond) to toasts at the rehearsal dinner and the reception.

10. Give the Bride a Thoughtful Gift.

Get her something special, make sure its wrapped and has a touching note. You can exchange gifts the night before or have it delivered to her while she's getting ready.

BONUS - Say It and Often - "I Love You."

This is the perfect time to be romantic to the point of being cheesy. Leave notes around - post its, on a note in her lunch or slips of paper under fridge magnets, anywhere she'll see it. This will help keep your bride smiling and reminded of your love no matter how stressful the planning gets.

Happy planning! XO