With the beginning of wedding planning season in full effect, you're probably starting to look for your wedding vendors. This could be a daunting task if you're not sure who to hire, so let us help!

Reception Site

  • How many wedding do you host per day? At one time?
  • Do you provide linens/centerpieces/plates, silverware, etc.?
  • Do you provide catering? If so, is everything cooked on-site? Can we do a tasting?
  • What is your maximum capacity?
  • What kinds of decorations are allowed (candles, confetti, etc.)?
  • Do you provide bartenders and all beverages (alcohol, soda, etc.)

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  • Do you specialize in weddings?
  • Do we receive an album with our package?
  • Will YOU be my photographer on the big day? Will you have an assistant or second photographer?
  • How long after the wedding will my photos be ready?
  • How many weddings have you photographed?
  • Do you shoot candid/photo journalistic/posed?



  • Do you specialize in weddings?
  • Will YOU be our DJ?
  • Is there a time limit for coverage on the day of the wedding?
  • Will you announce the bridal party for the formal introductions?
  • Will you be as involved or uninvolved as we’d like you to be?
  • Will you take requests during the reception?


  • Do you specialize in weddings?
  • Are you able to work well with our photographer?
  • Will YOU be our videographer?
  • What is your shooting style?
  • Will you provide us with a microphone for the ceremony?
  • How long after the wedding will my video be ready?


  • Do you provide a breakdown of the cost of each item (bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, etc.)?
  • Can you provide items such as an aisle runner, candles, etc.?
  • Do you charge a delivery fee? How far will you go and how many stops will you make (church, reception site, etc.)?
  • Will you provide a “toss” bouquet?
  • Will my flowers be fresh?
  • Will you preserve my bouquet after the wedding or know someone that will?


Wedding Coordinator

  • Do you specialize in weddings?
    Yes, and I have been doing so for over 10 years!
  • Can you arrange for vendors to work their prices into my budget?
    Yes, or I will recommend vendors that are already in your budget, however, many of the vendors I work with are willing to offer my clients a small discount.
  • Will you do the set up and decorating for me on the day of the wedding? How about the breakdown?
    Yes, part of our Month Of package is setting up any of your personalized decor items. We will be there to pack them up at the end of the night as well.
  • Will you communicate with my vendors so that my day runs as smoothly as possible?
    Yes, we speak to each vendor prior to your wedding day, and distribute a timeline to every one of them. We work alongside them to make sure that we follow the scheduled as closely as possible, and communicate changes as needed.
  • Do you work alone or with an assistant?
    I always bring at least one assistant with me to every wedding (sometimes 2).
  • Will you do a site visit if you have never been to my venue before?
    Yes, even if I have been to your venue before, I usually like to attend a site visit with you to understand your vision.

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We welcome any other questions you may have and are happy to answer them all in a complimentary consultation!