We're all on a budget, we get it. Planning a wedding can really add up quickly! Based on our 11 years' experience, here's 10 ways to trim your wedding budget.

“Whatever You’re Drinking” Toasts 

Instead of serving champagne only for toasts, ask guests to toast with whatever they’re drinking. If you go with this option, allow a few minutes before the toasts to allow guest to refill their drinks.


In-Season Flowers 

Certain traditional bridal flowers are difficult and expensive to find out of season, like lilies of the valley and peonies. If you’re confused or unsure, you can always ask a florist for advice.

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Favor Place or Escort Cards

Using favors as place or escort cards kills two birds with one stone. Use favors for seating with table numbers by the entrance to the venue or use favors as place cards with guests’ names at the tables.


Off-Season Wedding 

Vendors and venues will generally discount rates if you choose a winter date for your wedding as opposed to a summer or fall date.


Limit the Bridal Party 

The bigger the bridal party, the more you’ll spend on gifts, flowers and transportation in the long run.

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Minimize the Guest List 

To reduce your guest list decide if you wish to invite children (other than immediate family), coworkers and friends’ casual dates.

Something Borrowed

Borrow your wedding jewelry from friends and families as opposed to buying it. This will help reduce your cost and help include someone special in your big day.



Sit down with your significant other and prioritize areas of your wedding that are important to you. You can then choose to splurge in some areas and not in others.


Make sure to discuss samples with your make-up artist either through your contract or in person. Have them leave samples of the make-up they use on you, if possible. This will allow for touch ups throughout the night without buying the full size of the product, such as lipstick.



Instead of registering for plates and kitchen wares, ask guests to donate towards your honeymoon or vendors. Many vendors (Us Included!) allow for their services to be registered for.