Love is in the air! Valentines Day is just 2 days away. Have you gotten your girlfriend/fiancé/wife a gift yet? If not, you’re in luck. Flowers and chocolates are nice, but find out what she REALLY wants this Valentine's Day.

  1. A Spa Treatment.

    Us women are usually running around doing a million things during the day, especially if we have kids. All we want is a little “me time”. Go to her favorite salon or spa and treat her to a massage, makeup application, facial, or mani/pedi. When we feel good, we’re in a good mood. It's a win-win.

  2. Wine.

    Wine is always a good option. What’s her favorite kind? Find the best one out there and buy it. I’m sure she’ll appreciate “the good stuff” as opposed to her usual “every day” wine.

  3. A Night Off.

    Make #2 extra special by pairing it with a home cooked dinner that she didn’t have to make. Get in the kitchen and surprise her with her favorite meal. We would all love a “night off” from cooking and other household duties.

    J&M_WeddingReception-822 copy.jpg 2
  4. Comfy Sweats/Socks/Slippers.

    When we’re home and relaxing, we want to be comfy. There’s nothing better than getting home from work on a cold day and slipping into a warm, soft pair of sweats and curling up on the couch with a good book or Netflix.
  5. A Quick Getaway.

    Everyone could use a few days of downtime to escape reality. Take a quick road trip for the day or even a long weekend if you can swing it. Make it even more special by surprising her and making plans along the way (favorite restaurants, flowers or champagne waiting in the room).

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Guys, trust me, if you do any of these things, you’ll have a very happy girl on Valentine’s Day! No matter what you do, make sure that you show her you love her all year long, not just one day of the year.