We LOVE working with couples who aren't afraid of breaking traditions and creating their own memories for THEIR day. Just because things have been done a certain way for a couple hundred years doesn't mean YOU have to do it that way. Here are 7 wedding traditions that we have seen a decline in over the last few years.

1. Cake cutting. Some couples are still choosing to have a cake, but they are opting out of the tradition of a formal cake cutting ceremony. This is usually when the DJ makes a big announcement that the couple is about to cut their cake and for guests to get their cameras out. There's usually a specific song the couple chooses for this event and oftentimes they feed each other and even smoosh cake in each other's faces. Sounds fun, right? Well, this isn't the norm anymore. The couple may quietly take a minute with their photographer to get some sweet photos of them doing the cutting, but they don’t want to make a big thing about it and get guests off the dance floor. Other couples are foregoing the wedding cake tradition altogether. Instead, they are having dessert bars where guests can pick and choose what they’d like, as well as “grab and go”. They can choose from an assortment of miniature desserts, eat a little and get back down to partying.
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2. Favors. Wedding favors have been a thing since forever. It was a nice way to thank your guests for sharing in your special day. But things have changed. Favors are often left behind and money wasted. Instead, couples are choosing to involve more entertainment in their weddings to make it more of an experience or add things like a late night snack.
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3. Bride’s Side/Groom's Side Bridal Party. Today’s couples like to think outside the box. Not to mention the increase in same sex weddings, so to have a bride’s side of all bridesmaids and a groom’s side of all groomsmen has started to go away. If the bride’s best friend is a guy, put him on her side and call him the Man of Honor. If it’s 2 men that are getting married, mix up the bridal party according to who’s which groom’s friend. While we’re at it, let’s nix the tradition of a bride’s side/groom’s side in the seating of guests at the ceremony.

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4. Garter/Bouquet Toss. This tradition of singling out your single friends has been declining over the years. Couples don’t want to stop dancing to make a spectacle of their unattached friends. Not to mention the awkwardness of your new husband climbing up your wedding dress to fetch the garter in front of all your family and friends, only to have one of the male guests place the garter on a potential female stranger’s leg.
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5. Matching Bridesmaids Dresses. Gone are the days of ugly bridesmaids dresses that your friends will never be caught dead in again. Most brides today are thoughtful of their girls’ budgets and styles. They’ll usually give them a color palette and some guidelines (i.e. knee length, formal, etc.) and the girls can choose a dress to fit their body type and style within those guidelines. Bonus: the bridesmaid will want to wear the dress again if it’s more her style.

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6. White Wedding Dress. The tradition of wearing a white wedding dress came from Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. At the time, the color white was a symbol of wealth. It later was thought of as a symbol of the bride’s purity. Well, that was a LONG time ago and times, they are a-changing. If you want to wear a pink or blue or purple wedding dress, go for it! Just another example of how it’s YOUR day and you can do whatever makes YOU happy.

7. Bride’s Family Pays. With more and more couples waiting until a little later in life to get married, many are paying for their weddings themselves. It used to be tradition that the bride’s family paid for everything, but with weddings averaging over $36,000 (and I’d say that’s even on the low side for CT), that is unrealistic these days! If you’re lucky enough to have your parents contribute anything to your wedding, be thankful because let’s face it, this stuff adds up!

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