The wedding program is traditionally used to inform the guests of the flow of the wedding ceremony. They can be helpful if guests are visiting from out of state and may need a pointer as to who the flower girl is, or the purpose of a specific reading at the ceremony. Today though, lots of couples are opting out of the usual paper program for a more fun and chic option!

Try a Decorative Board

Having a chalkboard, window pane, wood board, or mirror with the timeline of events can be a creative way to greet guests as they find their way into the ceremony. You can even re-use an antique you may have around the house and spice it up with some decorative paint. Just find the board you’d like to use, draw on the timeline of events (your wedding planner can help you figure this out) and place it in entrance of your choice. You can even put it next to the guests name cards so they get all the information they need at once.


A Fan

We all know what it’s like attending an outdoor wedding in July and August; beautiful but also sometimes very hot! Having fans set up for guests on a table where they enter the ceremony is a nice way to show them you’re thinking of their comfort too. Use a little sign to tell them that when they open the fans, they’ll see the plan for the night! It’ll serve a dual purpose, and be an extra surprise that guests won’t forget.

A Photo Wall

Use recycled frames or just hang sans frame for a fun way to inform guests of the order of ceremony, short wedding party bios, cocktail hour menu, and anything else you want to communicate! If you’re using a hashtag, add that into one of the frames too. You can make this sleek, rustic, or quirky dependent on the type of frames you choose and the way they’re set up, it’s a very flexible idea. Put the photos at the ceremony entrance, then move it so that guests can continue to enjoy it during cocktail hour and the reception. This can be a cute photo opportunity spot for friends and family as well!

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