It’s 24 hours before your wedding, and you’re getting all the final touches ready for your big day. Today is the day you can completely, both mentally and physically, hand over all your wedding details to your wedding planner. Here are the types of things we will take care of at your rehearsal.


It is important for your wedding planner to introduce herself to all the family and the bridal party so that on the day of, they are comfortable and know who to go to if they have any questions. This will make your day go much smoother knowing that your wedding planner is making sure everyone involved is comfortable and being taken care of if there are questions. If you have hired your wedding planner for “day of” only, this may be the first time that she is meeting others involved in the wedding day, so this is important. There have been times that I haven’t even met the groom until the rehearsal!

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Coordination of the Ceremony

Wherever your rehearsal is, we will be there. We will start by coordinating the ceremony processional. We will make sure that the order of procession that you gave us at your detail meeting is executed perfectly for your wedding day. Then we will run through the recessional so that the ceremony doesn’t only start smoothly, but ends smoothly as well.

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Give Direction

It’s important to have an entrance and an exit strategy. At our detail meeting, we will discuss what time the couple will arrive to the ceremony location and begin to put a plan in place. Will the bride get out of the limo and immediately walk down the aisle, or will she want some time to come in and relax? Is there a room she can “hide” in so that the guests can’t see her when she arrives? What should the groom and groomsmen be doing while they wait to line up? These are all covered at the rehearsal.

If you choose to have a receiving line, we will organize the order in which this will be done, or if you decide against a receiving line, we will put a plan in place so that you know exactly what to do when the ceremony is over. For example, if you want to take pictures immediately after the ceremony, we designate a spot for you to go and wait for the photographer. Or if you’d rather jump right on the party bus and head to cocktail hour, we’ll make sure that happens too!


Final Collection of Wedding Items

Before you arrive on your wedding day, we will be getting the spaces ready for the ceremony and reception. This means on the day of the rehearsal, we will collect all the special items that you will need us to put in place while you are getting ready for your big day so that you don’t have to worry about it. This includes candles, guest book, favors, toasting flutes, cake knife, programs, seating cards, etc. While you are enjoying your day, we will be making sure all these items are in the right place.


So, the answer to the question is...YES!

Photos courtesy of Ty Jemison.