I’ve been asked a lot lately about what couples should tip their vendors. Below are a couple quick guidelines to follow when thinking about tipping those involved in your special day.

Caterer. For a caterer normally you should try for a 15-20% of total, or $50-$100 for the Chef, $20-$50 per server. But keep in mind some caterers include gratuity in their final bill, so be sure to look first before you start to tip them out separately.

DJ/Band. Whether you have a DJ or a band, try to stick around 10-15% or $25-$50 per band member.

Florist. The tip for the florist is not expected normally. But if you were looking to extend gratitude for their service, a 10-15% tip range is what you should stick to.

Photographer/Videographer. Now a tip for a photographer and/or videographer is not required if they are the owner of the business. If they are not the owner but an employee of the company, $50-$200 is sufficient for a tip for the night.

Officiant. There are two different guidelines for a tip for an officiant. If the officiant is nondenominational, then $100 would be an appropriate tip. If it is a denominational officiant, then many times you can make a donation to the parish, temple, or mosque.

Hair/Makeup. For the hair stylist and makeup artist, try to stay in the 15-20% range when giving them a tip.

Transportation. For the transportation, a 15% tip would be an appropriate amount for the service. This is for each transportation service.

Wedding Planner. There is no expectation of a tip for the wedding planner. But after your wedding, if you feel the service they provided was above and beyond your expectations, then consider a 10-20% tip.