A few months ago, I was invited to come see Acute Inflections perform in NYC. I finally had a free weekend this past weekend to do so, and man, am I glad I did! Not only did my husband and I enjoy a fabulous brunch at The Bar Room at Temple Court, but we were serenaded by this amazingly talented duo!


If you're looking for something fresh and original for your wedding, you definitely want to check these 2 out. They have a a few packages available, so you can hire them for your ceremony and cocktail hour, or keep it going with your first dance and dinner music as well! They are the perfect compliment to each other and will surely add a touch of class to your wedding or event. It helps that they're easy on the eyes, too! ;)



Their main genres are jazz, rock, R&B and Reggae, but we also enjoyed songs by Chris Stapleton, Amy Winehouse and more. They truly put their own creative spin on even the best known songs. There were certainly times when my husband and I looked and each other said, "I know this song, what is it?" only to start singing along a moment later when we figured it out. That is the true sign of a creative genius! Familiarity, yet originality. 

I would be happy to put any of my clients in touch with the booking manager for this dynamic duo, or better yet, take another trip to NYC to introduce them to you in person and attend another live performance! If this sounds like something you're down for, email me at [email protected] to make plans!