Timelines are SO IMPORTANT for a wedding day. I cannot stress this enough. Even if they need to be improvised throughout the day, it is important that everyone working hard to make your wedding day special is on the same page. So, what’s the big deal?

1. Getting Ready.

There needs to be a definitive time that the bride HAS to be done getting ready. Whether there is going to be a first look or not, there needs to be a specific end of getting ready time, especially when transportation is involved. That transportation is usually timed perfectly so that the couple and even guests can all get to the ceremony on time (if the same means of transportation is being used). Leave at least a half an hour buffer between when your hair and makeup is scheduled to finish and the time you’re getting picked up or plan to do your first look.

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2. Ceremony.

If the ceremony starts late, the entire day gets thrown off (also refer to #1). Time can usually be made up if needed during the reception. Sometimes cocktail hour can be cut short by a few minutes or speeches can end up being shorter than anticipated, but wouldn’t you rather everything runs smoothly and stays on time? Don’t be late to your ceremony.


3. The Reception.

The couple, DJ, photographer, wedding planner, and venue may all have different ideas as to how the reception is going to flow. There are many variations of reception timing and if everyone has something different in their minds, there will be nothing but chaos. Get everyone on the same page and stick to the plan (we will actually do this for you, hint, hint!).

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At this point in my career, I can say I’ve just about seen it all. Photographers who think the day is all about them; DJ’s who care about nothing but a packed dance floor; Chefs who think it’s OK to take the cake back to the kitchen for serving before the couple has cut it. The list goes on and on. Trust me, it’s best to have a set plan and stick with it. Of course, the unexpected can sometimes happen, and in that case, we will be ready to communicate with your wedding professionals and improvise only when needed.