Summer is over and fall is here! That means the start of the holiday season, and there’s just something so magical about the holidays that the most people get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day than any other time of year. As we approach engagement season (yes, that’s a thing), we want to remind you of the benefits of having a wedding planner to guide you through the entire process, not just having someone there on the day of.

  1. We know the best venues and vendors. There’s an overwhelming amount of wedding professionals and venues out there. We know which ones would be a good fit for you based on your individual style and budget. We can take you on tours and meetings with the ones we feel would work for you, and ask them questions you probably wouldn’t think  to ask!


  2. Let us be your guide. Most likely, this is your first time planning a wedding. The thought of pulling it all together could be overwhelming! So many details, logistics, questions, money…the list goes on and on. Lucky for you, we’ve done this lots of times! We can guide you in the right direction, all while letting you have the “fun jobs” and enjoy being engaged.

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  3. We can save you money. Many of the wedding professionals that we partner with offer our clients small discounts on their services. This can add up and save you some coin in the long run!


  4. Get it done right the first time. So often, we come in as a day of coordinator only, but things aren’t exactly planned in ways that make sense by the time we come into the picture. This causes us to have to go back and make changes so that things flow correctly, make sense timing-wise or logistically. Save the headache (and sometimes extra costs for having to redo something) and just hire the professionals from the start.

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  5. We can save you time. Time is the biggest reason that our couples hire us for our full planning service. Between crazy hours at the office and other commitments, they can’t possibly fit planning a wedding into the mix. This is our full time job, so let us take the big tasks off your plate.

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  6. We have your back. No matter what, we got you. Whether you are arguing with mom about wedding favors or one of your vendors, you are our client and we’ll always be in your corner.

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  7. We’re in the loop. If we know what’s going on throughout the entire planning process, we’re more likely to be able to implement the day that much better. It’s definitely much harder to take bits and pieces from someone else’s planning a month before the wedding and create the day they’ve been imagining. Yes, we do it all the time, but we love when we get to be a part of the planning process
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  8. We get close. The average length of an engagement today is 14 months. For about a year of that time, we are working with our full planning clients. This gives us much more time to get to know them, their likes and dislikes, their favorite foods and places to travel, their hobbies, family life and so much more. We really do feel as close as family by the wedding day, and admittedly, we get a little sad when their day is over!

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  9. Other wedding professionals love us. We have heard so many times from other wedding professionals that they love when their couples have a wedding planner. It makes things go so much more smoothly during the planning process, and it’s great to have a point person on the day of the wedding.

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