If you can't imagine re-planning your wedding from square 1, our Postponement Package is the service for you.

We will work with your venue to find possible future dates that will work for everyone. Keep in mind they have many more weddings to reschedule besides yours, so patience is key. From what I've seen, most venues are going in order, month by month. So, they are rebooking August, September, October couples first. 

We will work with your vendors to see if they are available for the new date, and if not, we will find comparable replacements. In the instance that they cannot be utilized due to availability, we will work with them to see what can be done about getting your deposit back.

We will make the uncomfortable phone calls to your guests and either give them the new wedding date information or explain to them why they are no longer invited (limits on how many can gather, you are no longer having a large reception, etc.).

As an added bonus, if you decide to hire us for our Day Of Coordination service on your new date, you will get 10% off!

All in all, we are your advocate and voice of reason during this overly-emotional time. We have a lot of resources, so you might as well save yourself the stress and utilize them!

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